Welcome to Low Limit Stud Strategy and Tactics. Low limit seven card stud can be a taxing affair for tight players. Your pocket Kings get trounced by horrible gutshot straight draws, your flushes are beaten by better flushes and miracle draws... People seem to play without a clue and win, but now you can beat them at their own game. There's a lot of Seven Card Stud poker strategy content here but don't be overwhelmed... We'll be with you every step of the way!

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Read Who This Site Is For.  We do make some assumptions about your skill level (that you know the mechanics of playing the game).  If you don't know how to play we give you some tips to get started.


Work your way through the other topics listed under Basic Concepts (Table Selection, Starting Hands, Hi/Lo Concepts, Counting Cards, Position, Semi-Bluff and Article and Essays sections)


You may find our Reviews, Low Limit Poker Forum (over 20,000 posts and growing) and Low Limit Blog useful resources. If you're looking for a place to play online poker check out our review pages under Playing Online and also look at our Online Poker Room Information page for a large list of online cardrooms.

Note that our starting hands are specifically tailored for online casino games where four or more people are involved in the hand.  If you are playing in a tighter game you need to make some adjustments and we talk about those adjustments a lot in our Low Limit Poker Forum.

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