Who This Site is For

Information on this site is geared towards beginning and intermediate Seven Card Stud (and Seven Card Stud hi-lo) players.  In addition, advanced players who aren't used to playing under extremely loose conditions can also benefit from the information here.  If you feel that your tight, aggressive play isn't paying the dividends it should you should definitely try our plan to play a game that is geared towards playing strong multiway hands that are designed to let you know exactly where you are on the flop.

One Learn to Play

You can learn to play Seven Card Stud at several places on the internet. Once you know the basic rules of Stud (and they are very easy) go to one of the online card-rooms and create an account.  We have a complete listing of online poker rooms that you can choose from...  One thing that is common to them all: You do NOT need to deposit money or even provide a credit card to play! You will be able to play Seven Card Stud and other poker games for free with other people on the internet. For the absolute beginners there is nothing better than just getting out there and playing a few hands with other real people to get into the swing of the game.

Two Read This Site

Work your way down the topics listed on the home page and try to understand the reasoning behind them.  If you disagree with something--great!  Real poker means adjusting to unique situations as they arise--there is no one hard and fast rule for playing.  We describe a strategy here for playing in very loose Seven Card Stud games (and it is a strategy that works) but it is not the only strategy. As you progress through the limits to tighter and tighter games your strategy will have to change.

Three Play for Real

After you can consistently beat a play-money table you're ready to try real money!  You can start as low as you like

We also have a growing list of online funding methods to give you some information about exactly how you can put money in your poker account and detailed information on what you should look for in an online poker room.

In terms of player population, the largest sites at the moment are PokerStars (NON US ONLY), Party Poker (NON US ONLY), America's Cardroom (US OK!), Bovada Poker (US OK!), Carbon Poker (US OK!), but these are not the only choices! We provide links to every online cardroom we know of (and if we miss one you can submit it) at our Playing Online section.

Four Analyze Your Game

We highly recommend you keep detailed logs of your poker sessions. We are working on a spreadsheet for Stud players to track their sessions, but in the mean time you should do it on paper at least. You need to have records to measure your improvement!

Five Other Resources

You can also check out our Quality Poker LInks page which contains links to some of the best poker sites on the internet. If we've missed one that you're fond of, leave us some feedback via the contact page